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About the team

The Montreal Old Puckers Hockey Club is an Oldtimers hockey team created In 1991 to participate in local hockey charity tournaments.

The team was assembled by Mark Uchwat and was comprised of hockey players predominantly from the FHL Oldtimers League as well as from various other Oldtimer leagues in the Montreal region.

The Team started as a 35+ team and entered quite a few tournaments each year. The Old Puckers also attended the Snoopy’s Senior Annual Hockey Tournament in California in the top 40 division on three occasions in 1995, 1997 and 1999.

With time, as the players aged, a second team was formed for the 50+ players. To this day the Old Puckers still have the 2 teams participating in tournaments. The 35+ and the 50+ teams now participate in 5 or 6 tournaments each every year.

With the aging group of players, As of April 1, 2017 we will be adding a 60+ team into some of the tournaments. The opportunities for 60+ age group division in tournaments is now starting to increase and hopefully our participation in the coming years will be possible.

The 35+ team is managed by Robert Major and the 50+ team is managed by John Dobby.

You may contact John Dobby by email at or


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